New York is always a good idea!


Anyone who has ever visited this amazing city will definitely agree, New York is always a good idea!

After visiting the Big Apple for the first time in 2010 I knew I had to go back, more than once.

Never had I felt so much love for one city, and with every visit it keeps on growing! New York really has it all… think about all those new and upcoming breakfast bars, restaurants, shops… but also the piece and quiet you can find in the amazing Central Park. I really love exploring this city, with something new around every corner, or metro station ;).

Just wandering around the streets really is amazing, getting to know all the different areas and neighborhoods, but just as well visiting all those touristy attractions really isn’t a pain when visiting New York. There is something for everyone, and though some may not love the city as much as I do, I really think everyone should visit New York at least once in their life.

I’ve been there 3 times now and I’m already our next trip…

See you there!






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