Yes we AmeriCan!

logo-americanOnly one week left before we take off for the Connections American Day!

I’m literally so excited for this event. This all American day was first hosted last year by Connections, a travel company which I always buy my best priced airplane tickets from. Unfortunately my plans to go last year got cancelled last minute so I’m super super excited to go this year!

Schermafbeelding 2018-09-26 om 21.21.50.png

I’m really expecting an all American day with many interesting speakers about their America or Canada travels, which will only make me want to go back even more.

So hopefully I will be able to tell you guys our next destination when we get back from this amazing event!

So if you’re also an all American lover, or you just want to get to know this wonderful country a little better, please subscribe to visit this event.





With this website I wanted to create a platform on which I can document my own pictures from my multiple travels to the USA. As a child I always dreamed of traveling to the “Big Apple”, once I got back home from this amazing trip including a three week west-coast road trip, the feeling of wanting to go back never left me…

After visiting many other states and cities all over the United States my love for America never died, it only got bigger!

So that’s why I wanted to share my love with this world and give myself an excuse to an imaginary escape to my favorite country every now and then. Not only will I be sharing traveling favorites, but also my favorite American beauty products, food, clothes…